About HYP

Introducing your hosts!

blogkittenName: Carolyn (a.k.a. blogkitten)
Location: the frozen tundra of Minnesota
Likes: Yosuke, white wine from a box, Ewan McGregor, kittens, Ouran High School Host Club and tacos. (mmm….tacos….)
Dislikes: 3D movies, fools, cheap gin, The Man and crafts.
About: Carolyn is a long-time gamer who got her start on the Intellevision way back in the day (damn, she’s old). She sees nothing wrong spending 120 hours on a JRPG, then starting a New Game+ right away after finishing said JRPG. She runs in order to be faster than her friends if/when the zombie apocalypse happens. Shoots first and asks questions later.

meName: Elaine (a.k.a. etdragon)
Location: South Jersey, the armpit of the East Coast
Likes: Rum, all wine from a box, rare steak, Street Fighting, throwing fools on their faces, huffing kittens and hot sauce.
Dislikes: Stupid people, technology that does not bend to her will and Pinterest.
About: Elaine has been playing games and fiddling with technology since she was just a wee child. She routinely spends her free moments playing a game or snarking about the latest technology news on the Internet. She does Judo because she is too slow of a runner to get away from confrontation. Elaine is currently spending her time trying to train her two children in the fine art of making Mario get to the top of the flag pole.