HYP Ep. 025 – The Podcast Is Coming From Inside The House!


So…this podcast was recorded in the first week of June.


Between Elaine’s rabid children and Carolyn’s upcoming move to the west coast, shit’s been hectic. But we will more than make up for it with discussions of balls and other such nonsense.

It’s a good thing we have show notes, otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered what we even talked about. Well, let’s be honest, these are the items in our Google Doc – who the hell knows if we talked about them. Listening is a fun game!

Da News!

  • WWDC stuff
  • CrunchyRoll on the ChromeCast
  • Cards Against Humanity Tech Edition (http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/04/shut-up-and-take-my-money-for-the-cards-against-humanity-tech-edition/)
  • Amazon to announce a new device on June 18 (which was the Amazon Fire phone)
  • Persona Q Intro Video OMGWTFBBQ
  • John Oliver on the FCC.

WTF of the Episode: Verizon…go home, you’re drunk.

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