HYP! Ep. 024 – What’s Podcasts, Precious?!

Soooooo, we may have been away for a while and forgot what the fuck we’re doing. Elaine’s microphone broke, the levels were fucked, we recorded this on May 21st, and goddammit we’ve been busy!



No news links, because we talked about nonsense. However, here’s the link for dumb.domains that you can go to and refresh to your hearts delight. Below is a gallery of all the ridiculous combinations Carolyn came up with.

WTF of the Episode: McDonalds – go home, you’re drunk. Why? BECAUSE OF THIS NIGHTMARE FUEL:

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5 thoughts on “HYP! Ep. 024 – What’s Podcasts, Precious?!

  1. Carnage

    saw the first 7 episodes of the Frago series before listening to this, now the sound of Carolyn’s voice gives me flashbacks of blood!

      1. Carnage

        sure, if you ever miss the cold and wonder what 6 months without direct sunlight will do to a person, you are welcome to drop by the northern most parts of Europe, me and Marcus can introduce you to Swedish moonshine.


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