HYP Ep. 016 – Butterscotch Balls!


This week’s episode is sponsored by Crazy Eddies Discount Ball Warehouse – where you can buy all your extra balls at 75% off!

Balls aside, this week’s episode does go over things other than balls, nutsacks, or testicle skin. Hello Google Search results! 🙂

Da News:

WTF of the Episode: Mattel…go home, you’re drunk.

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2 thoughts on “HYP Ep. 016 – Butterscotch Balls!

  1. Carnage

    FYI replacement balls are usually made of silicon or similar material composite. know some guys who lost their balls, to IED’s not fish thou.
    The more you know. *woosh*

    would be nice if there was a fish that swam up your womens sexual organs and feasted on you’re ovaries so you could know the fear we feel!


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