HYP Ep. 015 – Hoar Buffet!


We were going to call this week’s episode “Don’s Ballz” – but you can’t beat a good Whore Buffet! In fact, this week’s gif is what will happen in your mind when you hear us talk about our new business venture.

Da News:

  • Indie Game the Movie – Special Edition (with new Team Meat commentary!) Best part is that if you already own the movie, you can just buy the special features separately for $5. Hell. Yes.
  • Chromecast is a Google TV dongle type thing. WANT.
  • New Nexus 7 up for preorder.
  • Fox network doesn’t like Dish Networks ad skipping DVR. A judge tells them tough titties.
  • Android 4.3 features.
  • Netflix earns 14 Emmy nominations for Hemlock Grove (2 noms), Arrested Development (3), and House of Cards (9). AKA: Fuck You Cable!

WTF of the Episode: Anthony Weiner (or is it CARLOS DANGER?)…go home, you’re drunk.

Carlos Danger name generator.

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