HYP Ep. 014 – Believe In Yourself!


A mid-week episode? IT’S MAGIC!

This week there’s 83% less talk about balls. But that doesn’t stop the ladies from being wholly inappropriate and drinking ALL THE THINGS.

Da News:

WTF of the Episode: Boxee & Samsung…go home, you’re drunk.

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2 thoughts on “HYP Ep. 014 – Believe In Yourself!

  1. Grim Griefer

    Ladies, ladies, ladies, this constant fascination with the male appendage is beginning to become worrysome. As a male listener to your fine show I feel you are isolating your male audience and so in the interests of fairness you should spend at least one show just talking about boobs, boobs and more boob’s.
    Maybe get Tim on to talk about his boobs too to keep the lady listeners happy. I’d love to hear his dulcet tones on a podcast. 😀
    Now go home, you are both drunk.
    PS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htGk_HNuUxE


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