HYP Ep. 011 – Strategic Drinking Marketing Synergy!


The ladies are back from a long hiatus with tales of Google Now, phlegm, and fine Albequerque faux meth. IN YOUR EARHOLES, BITCHES.

Also, for Carolyn’s Candy Box game, she has 7000+ candies by the end of the show.

Da News:

  • The Xbox One unveiling. YAWN. Also, here’s a summary video or two (Carolyn’s favorite) that will save you from losing those minutes of your life by watching the full press conference. YOU’RE WELCOME.
  • Sony had a huge stock leap during the Xbox One unveiling, but it was completely unrelated to the shit Microsoft was presenting.
  • Inventor of the GIF once again reminds us how to pronounce it. Elaine and Carolyn could not give less shits. Best thing is when Jif peanut butter chimes in on the debate:
  • Smart Philips Hue bulbs are getting an update…and one step closer to taking over the world.
  • HTC is kind of a hot mess right now.
  • Once again, advances in film technology is being developed…for PORN.

WTF of the Episode: Yahoo…go home, you’re drunk.

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3 thoughts on “HYP Ep. 011 – Strategic Drinking Marketing Synergy!

  1. Carnage

    Oh man the Today show! that takes me back. I was on that back in my youth, If i remember correctly it was being filmed on Bourke st (Melbourne) I was there with a few other kids giving our review on Gran Turismo 4… was an awesome morning but was so tired after the filming that i feel asleep on a bench in the Royal Botanic Gardens…. still have my Channel 9 t-shirt.

    Here are your stars since i don’t have iTunes. *****

  2. Tom Brennan

    Mr. Wilhite, using the same logic (G pronounced as a J), apparently forgot to mention that the F is pronouced as a Z.

  3. Sean

    As far as I care…

    Fuck yeah it’s a hard G.

    And Pluto’s still a PLANET.


    *drops mike*

    *walks off*

    PS Best wishes for kick-ass vacations. Drink all the things.


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