HYP Ep. 009 – Costco-Branded Bulk Hoars!


This week the ladies are filling your earholes with more video games, more tits, and more guns! Or…something like that.

Carolyn played video games for once and Elaine needed to wash the mind-fuck that is Bioshock: Infinite out of her brain with some God of War boobs and bullets. Seems legit.

Da Show Notes:

  1. Sim City is coming to Mac on June 11. That version will also be available for free to anyone who already purchased on PC (and vice versa when you buy on Mac). Hopefully it’s less fucked up…oh who are we kidding.
  2. Devs had to specifically ask for female focus testers for “The Last of Us”.
  3. Boxee is rebranding themselves and adding free Cloud DVR service. Too little, too late Boxee.
  4. The rumors are making it sound like Microsoft is targeting Google TV-like services for the next Xbox. Why can’t my consoles just play fucking games?
  5. The Nook is still trying to be relevant by adding self publishing tools to compete with Amazon. People still give a shit about the Nook? LOLZ.
  6. Rumor is the new Nexus 7 will have a Qualcom chip, better screen, and it’ll be cheaper. Hear that? It’s the sound of Google TAKING MY MONEY.
  7. Google Fiber is coming to Austin “by mid-2014” – dammit, now I want to move to Texas. WHAT IS HAPPENING?
  8. Samsung had their offices raided by police because of alleged LG technology theft. Wut?
  9. Hangover cures from around the world.

WTF of the Episode: FOX…go home, you’re drunk.

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One thought on “HYP Ep. 009 – Costco-Branded Bulk Hoars!

  1. Eric

    Poop in the tub is bad… But how about poop on the crib, mattress, sheets, wall, and of course the child? Yeah, my daughter at the age of 1.5-2 just loved to wake up from naps with a fully loaded diaper, take it off, then proceed to… yeah, you get the picture.


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