HYP Ep. 008 – Strippin’ Donuts!


This week brings you drunken delights for your earholes in the form of news, DA MAILZ, and as always, inappropriate drunken talk about strippers.

Da Show Notes:

WTF of the Episode: Technophobes…go home, you’re drunk.

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One thought on “HYP Ep. 008 – Strippin’ Donuts!

  1. Sean

    Hello Ladies!

    Having finished your latest episode I decided to schlep on over to this here site on my Interwebz and mention that the talk about powdered donuts made me envision an image of Tony Montana sitting at his desk at the end of Scarface ’83, only instead of a big-ass pile of coke, it’s a big-ass pile of powdered donuts.

    Huh…it seemed funny when the image first entered my mind. Methinks your outtakes section inspired that.

    ANYWAY…I love the modified logo made up for the Strippin’ Donuts concept. Wonder if they sell Long Johns.



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