HYP Ep. 006 – Unsalted Bags!


The ladies are back to fill your earholes with a cornucopia of delights! And HOARS. And bags of dicks.

[yes, there’s a couple of seconds of silence around minute 7…I don’t know what caused it. ~C]

Da Show Notes:

WTF of the Episode: West Virginia…go home, you’re drunk.

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One thought on “HYP Ep. 006 – Unsalted Bags!

  1. Josh

    1) ps4 already made me take off my pants. Well done, Sony. Well done…
    2) Wii U selling bad is worrisome, but the same thing happened to the 3DS until good games came to it. Nintendo fans are now the “wait and see” type instead of the impulse buying type. Slow and steady wins the race.
    3) Bobby Flay would probably try to BBQ his bag of dicks. Just saying…
    4) def not too much pink on the site. Until I see some sparkling, glittered-up bullshit version of your logo that looks like a 12 year old’s MySpace page, we’re all good…


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